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  • The right professional at the right time in your journey will be a vital key to your success in reaching your goals.

  • CDR Finance has an extensive network of trusted professionals that has been built up over the years that you can access for free as a client. This value add can be the difference between success and failure.

  • We have access to accountants, financial planners, real estate agents, buyers agents, building brokers, settlement agents, property lawyers, family lawyers, amicable divorce advisers, removalists just to name a few.

Below is some of the lenders we have access to.

We also have access to private and alternative financiers to suit just about any financing need.

“Mortgage broking has emerged as a key component of the retail banking industry in Australia, as evidenced by the fact that around 50% of all mortgages are now originated through the broker channel. We see the growth in the broker network as testament to the high standards of customer service and professionalism that has allowed brokers to establish strong referral networks.”

– Suncorp

“Mortgage brokers have access to a broad range of lenders. This provides consumers with access to products they may not be able to access otherwise. It also helps create competition between the bigger lenders. The products of these lenders must be competitive or they will not garner the support of the broker market. This is a great outcome for customers.”


Adelaide Bank
“Today, as Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, 50% of the Group’s Home Loans are originated through third party channels, mirroring the Australian market and reflecting strong consumer confidence in professional credit advisors.”

– Adelaide Bank

“Brokers are a vital component of the Australian mortgage sector, fostering strong competition between banks by giving customers access to a broad range of loans.”

– ME Bank

“Mortgage brokers provide an unbiased and educational service to the consumer …”

– La Trobe

“Brokers are a vital part to competition with 50% of consumers engaging brokers for their financial needs …”

– Bluestone

“The mortgage broking channel is vital to provide customers with choice and independence.”

– Wide Bay

“We believe the vast majority of brokers provide advice to customers based on their needs and suitability with price and speed of service the main drivers.”

– MyState

“… We believe there are efficiency and competitive benefits from product originators such as banks selling through brokers and other channels.”


“The broker sector is a vital part of our business and does encourage greater competition within the market. It enables Heritage Bank to sell products and services right across the nation, winning customers that we would simply be unable to reach otherwise. The broker marketing also exposes potential customers to a much wider range of alternative finance options that they may otherwise not know about”

– Heritage Bank

“In our view mortgage brokers are firmly established as the key facilitators of competition within the Australian home loan market as they provide consumers with access to a range of providers to ensure that they are afforded the opportunity to select the solution that best meets their needs.”

– Pepper

“We believe that mortgage brokers provide real value, far beyond simply selecting the right product for the customer. They provide an abundance of choice, they can explain and simplify the home loan process and they can remove much of the administrative burden for the customer. As an online bank, mortgage brokers are critical in ensuring our home loan products are made available to people across Australia. Brokers promote choice which supports competition, both of which ultimately drive innovation and a better deal for all Australians.”

– ING Direct

Get in touch with CDR Finance and we can project manage the entire process from start to finish and beyond,saving you time, headaches and stress.

My friendly and efficient service is at no cost to you as the bank, whether it be your existing bank or a new bank will pay me a commission for assisting you with all your finance needs. It really is a great way to do business. 

I get to help you achieve your goals and the bank pays me for doing so. 

How good is that!