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  • Do you want to make sure that you have got the correct mortgage loan structure to maximize your returns – In conjunction with your accountant I can assist you with this very important consideration?

  • Does your current broker or banker know what your 5,10 & 15 year goals are and design finance strategies accordingly or are they transaction minded and just interested in the deal at hand?

  • Are you unsure of where to start or who to talk to?

  • Have you ever wondered if you can afford an investment property?

  • Do you have an established portfolio and feel you have outgrown your current broker or bank?

  • Have you been concerned about not knowing where to start?

A Real Life Scenario – Property Investor

A couple who already had two investment property’s made an appointment with me as they wanted to purchase another investment property. They had found a property for $400,000 and had $60,000 in cash that they wanted to use as a 10% deposit as well as to cover costs such as stamp duty and settlement fees.

After assessing their situation I suggested we have their owner occupied property and the existing investment property’s revalued as it had been 18 months since this was last done. They had purchased in a down market and both properties had since had a turn around. Valuations came back and we had managed to gain $151,000 in equity without having to pay LMI (lenders mortgage insurance) as the total borrowings, including the extra $151,000 had remained at an LVR (loan to value ratio) of 80%.

The end result was that they had preserved their cash of $60,000 which was left in the offset account against their owner occupied property mortgage saving them in interest payments allowing them to pay down the “bad debt” or non-tax deductible debt faster. We then used $90,000 from the new borrowings of $151,000 as a 20% deposit and to cover costs for the new investment property and borrowed the remaining 80% from another lender to avoid cross collateralise also known as fire-walling.

This debt was therefore “good debt” or tax deductible debt as it was borrowed for an investment property and saved them utilising the $60,000 cash. As a bonus they had $61,000 left in the kitty that they are know intending to use for the next investment property purchase.I also renegotiated the existing loans with their current bank adding further value and savings to them as well as attaining a better rate on the new property purchase with the other bank than what they would have received by going directly to a branch.

Get in touch with CDR Finance and we can project manage the entire process from start to finish and beyond,saving you time, headaches and stress.

My friendly and efficient service is at no cost to you as the bank, whether it be your existing bank or a new bank will pay me a commission for assisting you with all your finance needs. It really is a great way to do business. 

I get to help you achieve your goals and the bank pays me for doing so. 

How good is that!